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Guessit 2 has been rewritten from scratch. You can find in this file all information required to perform a migration from previous version 0.x or 1.x.


guess_video_info, guess_movie_info and guess_episode_info have been removed in favor of a unique function guessit.


>>> from guessit import guessit
>>> guessit('Treme.1x03.Right.Place,.Wrong.Time.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.avi')
MatchesDict([('title', 'Treme'), ('season', 1), ('episode', 3), ('episode_title', 'Right Place, Wrong Time'), ('format', 'HDTV'), ('video_codec', 'XviD'), ('release_group', 'NoTV'), ('container', 'avi'), ('mimetype', 'video/x-msvideo'), ('type', 'episode')])

MatchesDict is a dict that keeps matches ordering.

Command line options can be given as dict or string to the second argument.


Some properties have been renamed.

  • series is now title.
  • title is now episode_title (for episode type only).
  • episodeNumber is now episode.
  • bonusNumber is now bonus
  • filmNumber is now film
  • cdNumber is now cd and cdNumberTotal is now cd_count
  • idNumber is now uuid

episodeList and partList have been removed. episode_number and part properties that can now contains an int or a list[int].

All info type, like seriesinfo and movieinfo. You can check directly nfo value in container property.

All camelCase properties have been renamed to underscore_case.

  • releaseGroup is now release_group
  • episodeCount is now episode_count
  • episodeDetails is now episode_details
  • episodeFormat is now episode_format
  • screenSize is now screen_size
  • videoCodec is now video_codec
  • videoProfile is now video_profile
  • videoApi is now video_api
  • audioChannels is now audio_channels
  • audioCodec is now audio_codec
  • audioProfile is now audio_profile
  • subtitleLanguage is now subtitle_language
  • bonusTitle is now bonus_title
  • properCount is now proper_count


Some options have been removed.

  • -X DISABLED_TRANSFORMERS, -s, --transformers

    There's no transformer anymore.


    As series was renamed to title, use -T EXPECTED_TITLE instead.


    GuessIt is now better to guess release group, so this option has been removed.

  • -d, --demo

    Probably not that useful.

  • -i INFO, --info INFO

    Features related to this option have been removed.

  • -c, --split-camel, -u, --unidentified, -b, --bug

    Will be back soon... (work in progress)

Other GuessIt 1.x options have been kept.


Output produced by guessit api function is now an instance of OrderedDict. Property values are automatically ordered based on filename, and you can still use this output as a default python dict.

If multiple values are available for a property, value in the dict will be a list instance.

country 2-letter code is not added to the title anymore. As country is added to the returned guess dict, it's up to the user to edit the guessed title.

Advanced display option (-a, --advanced) output is also changed. It now list Match objects from Rebulk, and may display duplicates that would have been merged in standard output.:

$ guessit "Treme.1x03.Right.Place,.Wrong.Time.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.avi" -a
For: Treme.1x03.Right.Place,.Wrong.Time.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.avi
GuessIt found: {
    "title": {
        "value": "Treme",
        "raw": "Treme.",
        "start": 0,
        "end": 6
    "season": {
        "value": 1,
        "raw": "1",
        "start": 6,
        "end": 7
    "episode": {
        "value": 3,
        "raw": "03",
        "start": 8,
        "end": 10
    "episode_title": {
        "value": "Right Place, Wrong Time",
        "raw": ".Right.Place,.Wrong.Time.",
        "start": 10,
        "end": 35
    "format": {
        "value": "HDTV",
        "raw": "HDTV",
        "start": 35,
        "end": 39
    "video_codec": {
        "value": "XviD",
        "raw": "XviD",
        "start": 40,
        "end": 44
    "release_group": {
        "value": "NoTV",
        "raw": "-NoTV",
        "start": 44,
        "end": 49
    "container": {
        "value": "avi",
        "raw": ".avi",
        "start": 49,
        "end": 53
    "mimetype": {
        "value": "video/x-msvideo",
        "start": 53,
        "end": 53
    "type": {
        "value": "episode",
        "start": 53,
        "end": 53