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Configuration files

Guessit supports configuration through configuration files.

Default configuration file is bundled inside guessit package from config/options.json file.

It is possible to disable the default configuration with --no-default-config option, but you have then to provide a full configuration file based on the default one.

Configuration files are loaded from the following paths:

  • ~/.guessit/options.(json|yml|yaml)
  • ~/.config/guessit/options.(json|yml|yaml)

It is also possible to disable those user configuration files with no-user-config option.

Additional configuration files can be included using the -c/--config option.

As many configuration files can be involved, they are deeply merged to keep all values inside the effective configuration.

Advanced configuration

Configuration files contains all options available through the command line, but also an additional one named advanced_config.

This advanced configuration contains all internal parameters and they are exposed to help you tweaking guessit to better fit your needs.

If no advanced_config is declared through all effective configuration files, the default one will be used even when --no-default-config is used.

We're willing to keep it backwards compatible, but in order to enhance Guessit, these parameters might change without prior notice.